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I am a writer who writes to connect fiction and story telling through vivid characters, modern situations and real life events. I have written several adult short stories, but I am in the process of writing a Middle Grade Novel for children.


My Work

Check this Out

A few years ago I wrote a book especially for my granddaughters. It’s entitled “A Grandmother’s Wish” and is available on Bookemon.com

My story, “The Clock” has been published on Spillwords.com

I have won 1st place in a short story contest for Gemini Magazine. It’s entitled “The Cure” and was inspired during the early days of the Pandemic. You can read it at:


Working on right now

I am writing a chapter book for Upper Elementary students about 3 cousins who spend a week at the beach with their grandmother. They don’t know it, but Grandmother used to be a CIA agent and has been contacted to solve a mystery that gets the cousins involved.

I have started another MG (Middle Grade) novel about a 10-year-old boy who loves dinosaurs and has the opportunity to see his favorite paleontologist but a family beach trip becomes an obstacle.

About Me

I am a retired social studies teacher and a yoga teacher. I’m also the proud grandmother of three precious granddaughters and one grandson. I want to create books for them to grow up with and be empowered by reading them and relating to characters that show the way to problem solve in this unruly and sometimes unwelcoming world. My short stories are mainly for adult readers, but Dog Walking (see link above) is one of my children’s short stories.

I have been journaling since high school and writing stories since before then.After earning a Masters degree in Education I discovered that there weren’t many books for young readers that connected the past to the present in a meaningful way. I decided to take some creative writing classes at Salem College and now feel I have a foundation to put together good stories.

Besides writing, I love sewing, quilting, photography and all things theater.

I have dedicated 2020 as my writing year and have been sending work out to various contests. I feel very proud to be honing my craft during this pandemic. Stay tuned!


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